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Is this how they date in Eastern Europe?

“It’s weird. Isn’t it?”

You know something is truly unusual when it requires you to confirm with more than a few people that it really is weird. I mean there are things you encounter in life that really are beyond your area of expertise.

Like my second date with an Slovakian girl I’ll call Natasha.

The Beginning…

I had been matched to this girl on Chemistry.com.

Slovakia Flag

Slovakia Flag

She had a lot going for her. She seemed really intelligent, very attractive and we had a good conversation on the phone.

The first date went well. She was very attractive in person. While I couldn’t tell if there was complete chemistry, there seemed to be the beginnings of a nice sexual chemistry. And I enjoyed myself.

I was keen to see her again on a second date.

The wonderful oddness begins…

I voicemailed her almost immediately after the date and told her what a wonderful time I had. 3 or 4 days later, I got an email not referencing the voicemail but instead asking if I’d like to go to a party with her.

This struck me as well, odd. For 2 reasons.

  1. When you’re interested in someone, it seems to me you should make it clear by a quick response that you’re interested.
  2. A party seemed a very odd second date. There’s no privacy. I didn’t know any of the folks who she knew at the party.

It either spelled disaster or a really great story. So after confirming it was weird with all of my friends that it was indeed strange, I decided to go for it.

Her house…

I drove to her condo. Parked. I called her as I left my car to get my bearings as where her house actually is. She directed me to the place and then gave me her security code to get into her house. Yeah, this is the second date and she tells me how to get past her security system. More weirdness but certainly not the last of it.

When I walked up the stairs to her place, she let me in and introduced her friend who was staying with her and would be joining us at the party. The night had started out peculiar and this was just one more bit of oddness. Basically, there was no chance of anything at all happening with her friend around but at this point, I was already committed.

As we left, somehow, I got roped into driving. The two girls seated themselves in the Mini. And it was a pleasant enough ride up but a little awkward.

Fast forward to…

…the party and more weirdness.

Ok. So when I get to the party, Natasha introduces me to her friends. The weird moment comes when they tried to determine what I am to her…

“So are you guys going out?”

I said, “Um, this is our second date.”

I think they were just as puzzled as I was so they moved on. Now to be fair, these were very nice people. I didn’t have much in common with them but I get along easily with people.

The key thing was though as the minutes became hours, Natasha…

…was running hot and cold.

That’s right. I got more interest and conversation from the partygoers who I had just met than the girl I came with. Throughout the night, she would occasionally make phsyical contact but really she seemed more interested in catching up with her friends.

And it was kind of confusing me and annoying me at the same time.

After a few hours where I thought I could leave without offending someone, I started planning my exit. The final moment where I knew I needed to leave was when another partygoer, who was well in his cups and otherwise very nice, started referring to Barack Obama as “Obama Bin Laden.” I was and still am a big supporter of the president and this kind of pissed me off too

The final oddness…

After I finally got out of there, I still had to drop off Natasha and her friend. Her friend was drunk. Not buzzed. Drunk. And she needed to pee. She kept talking about how much she needed to pee. While she was sitting in the back seat of my beautiful Mini.

The combination of the reminders of her drunkeness, her impending bladder load, and my OCD thoughts of cleaning up some idiot’s urine in my back seat was a source of major tension.

I finally arrived at Natasha’s house. Because friend had to run (to pee of course), both of them ran off before saying a short goodbye.

When Natasha called me a few days, I let it go to voicemail and didn’t call her back. To answer the question I was asking my friends, f*** yes it’s weird. Very f***ing weird.